Natura non contristatur.

The project proceeds apace! Quickly, to my stash of tactical ampersands!

īš  đŸ™ŗ ⅋ 🙰 đŸ™ĩ 🙱 🙴 🙲


Here's some stuff related to the terrible (wondrous) widyagaem called EVE Online.

Here's an old, infrequently-updated blargh (mostly just linkback reposts of stuff which caught my interest).

Here's what to read if you want to reach me with a crypto/defi pitch.

If you're after something of visual interest, I recommend Jonathan Lawrence's Type Hunting.

If you have an audio hankering, try Bohren & der Club of Gore's Sunset Mission, an ambient noir jazz album. Recommended accompaniments: dreamy weather, whisky.

I wouldn't listen to both the album and Tom Waits' Alice simultaneously; I just like the phrase it's dreamy weather (and that song). Perhaps you see why the ampersand is my favorite logogram... is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.