View Outside for NPC stations. New Fleet window hamburger menu option: Flag Exempt From Regroup. New Fleet boss option to auto- and/or bulk-move ship classes to specific positions (e.g. cruisers to W1S1 and frigs/dessies to W2S1). Could be more granular (i.e. within cruisers are T1/HAC/HIC/Logi/Recon). Indicate warp invulnerabilty at the top-left. "Unlockability" is a better term than invulnerability since one is actually vulnerable to AoE damage during this period (and during warp & deceleration, ftm). Reduce lock range of non-carrier NPCs to 300 km. Lock ranges individualized to NPC hulls/roles would be better, but simply lowering them all to 300 would be an enormous improvement. Logi-only whore drone. 0.01 damage, 1 m3, 1 mbit/s, 300 km optimal, low-ish RoF. Locked to T1/T2/T3 logi/Nestor/FAX, which also get dedicated 1 mbit/s bandwidth + 300 km control range (i.e. only for this drone). Show remaining m3 available in holds/containers, e.g. "3,419.27/13,057.8 (9,638.53 remaining)". Sort active ship to top of hangar list. Non-audit log and non-password variants of station containers. Right-click toggle option for containers in hangars called "Lock Against Repackaging" (a "Hide from Inventory" option would also work which makes a container appear only in the Index drop-down). Persist minimization/closure of chat(s) after client close (n.b. involuntary channels like Corp, Alliance, Sansha Incursion). Increase character limit of Notepad notes. New Infomorph Diffusion skill. Adds secondary jump clone pool accessible only if a standard JC is intalled, 1 clone per level (increases JC storage to 15 but not JC locations). Advanced version for 2 per level. Give the Oneiros and Scimitar two extra mid slots that can only fit Remote Tracking Computers. Introduce Remote Missile Guidance Computers (and give the Oneiros and Scimitar a bonus to them and let them fit them in their dedicated slots). Reduce tedium surrounding skill planning: — Remove NPC-seeded skillbooks and reduce their buy and inject cost to current NPC cost (i.e. remove the 30% convenience fee). — — Only dropped and LP-derived skillbooks would remain as tradeable items. — Remove remapping and combine all attributes into a single Neuroplasticity value at 25 points; keep implants/boosters at current values (SP/hour would be unchanged). — Make skill window able to buy, inject and begin training all non-item skills from any skill plan. Allow grouping of identical smartbombs. Merge TCU & IHUB. Keyboard shortcut to center probes on ship (the button is great, but a shortcut would be lovely). Remove all mission/anomaly/incursion popup windows. Instead, put the text into Local chat (or make an option in settings to make this the case). More bookmark expiry options (24 hours would be nice for wormholersbtw; an arbitrary option like 1-168 hours would be super-nice). Right-click option in Solar System map for "Center Probes on [object]" (also in overview and brackets in space). Only for warpables like bookmarks, planets, beacons, structures, etc. Make "Add as First Waypoint" also an option for systems/stations/structures in chats/notepad/broadcasts/map. Currently exists only via right-clicking a gate in overview or in space (or via 3rd-party apps). Keyboard shortcuts for setting speed (set to max speed already exists, but lowest possible would also be nice). Perhaps also set to increment and/or increase/decrease by increment (arbitrary or percent-based). Ability to save & share multi-waypoint routes (e.g. click "Copy Route to Clipboard" button in Route tool and paste unique-colored link into chat/notepad; right-clicking the link gives "Set Route" option). Increase cost of Asset Safety. HS: 5% then 20%, LS: 10% then 35%, NS: 15% then 50%. Could alternatively scale it based on lightyear distance of delivery. Address the sprawl-enabling effectiveness of Ansiblex jump gates: — Reduce the radius of Ansi models from 13 to 3.75 km to make them surroundable by a single dictor bubble (like half of all normal stargates are) and thus riskier to use. — Further increase risk of using Ansiblexes by adding a polarization mechanic to them. — If you also want to slow down Ansi networks, make polarization universal instead of per-gate, i.e. only one Ansi jump per x_minutes. Could possibly exempt some hulls from polarization. Reduce LP cost of Syndicate anchorable bubbles. Perhaps add a Syndicate launcher w/a pinch faster reload and/or higher capacity. A Syndicate WDFG would make sense. Much tweaking to LP stores needed. Reduce speed and information content of killmails: — Differentiate killmails into distinct lossmails (LMs, i.e. the victim's version) and killmails (KMs, i.e. the killer's version). — — KMs have reduced data and delayed ESI push/external link. LMs have full data and instantly-available but (by default) manually-triggered ESI reveal. — — Pilots can independently toggle KMs and LMs to auto-push to ESI, both off by default (i.e. both KMs and LMs require manually clicking "push to ESI" button or external linking unless auto-push is toggled on). — In KMs: 75% chance per item that destroyed contents are blank/undentified (in slots/holds). Salvaging rerolls identification check on all items in a KM with 50% (T1) and 75% (T2) reveal odds. — In Empire space, 20 minutes of KM delay per system security level. 0 minutes (instant) at 1.0 up to 180 m in 0.1. 4 hour delay in NS/JS. — KMs have no ESI trigger button or external link until the ESI delay period ends. Unidentified items remain unIDed unless salvage rolls reveal them or victim pushes their own LM. — LMs can be manually posted to KBs and/or pushed to ESI before the delayed ESI push if victims so choose. LM ESI push button warns that it reveals all unidentified items on associated KM. — — this means that, barring full identification rolls on KMs, the only way all items will be fully populated on killboard entries is if victims manually upload/push them. Cruiser Escape Bays for caps & supes. BS-locked Jump Field Generator (non-micro boosh variant) module. Takes 1 regular cap & 24 subs w (or 25 subs). Scram decycles module. — Always takes the closest unscrammmed cap if 1 or more are in range, then the closest unscrammed subs. 12-15-second spool (based on skill). 10 km range. Same fitting as Large MJD (or more). — Onlining requires Jump Field Stabilizer rig. 400 calibration. Reduces velocity and armor/shield/structure HP by 25% and adds 50% remote and local rep impedance. ACL-based hangars and wallets. [would probably be an enormous PITA, but wonderful for QOL] Differentiate wormholes based on origins/destinations, increase some wormhole frequencies and add new wormholes: — Separate holes which currently have multiple origin classes to allow more finely-tuned changes (thinking of e.g. event-specific wormhole distribution alterations): — — Make S199 only NS → NS, N944 LS → LS, B449 LS → HS, Z971 LS → C1, R943 C2 → LS, X702 C3 → LS, N432 C5 → LS, U319 C6 → LS. — — Eight new KS → JS wandering holes to separate the existing ones; five NS → C1, C2, C3, C5, and C6 and three HS → C1, C2 and C3 (same stats as their current equivalents; HS → C5/C6 already exist). — — New LS → NS wormhole to replace current LS → NS S199; +10% current frequency of LS → NS S199; same mass & transit as S199. — — New NS → LS wormhole to replace current NS → LS N944; +7.5% current frequency of NS → LS N944; same mass & transit as N944. — — New NS → HS wormhole to replace current NS → HS B449; +5% current frequency of NS → HS B449; same mass & transit as V283. — New Thera → Pochven static wormhole; patrolled by SoE in in Thera and Sleepers in Poch; can appear in any system; same mass & transit as C729. — New Thera → JS static C3-class holes w/~10 minute respawn delay to each class of JS (roughly according to prevalence, e.g. one C6, two C1s, and three each C2-C5). — New Incursion constellation → random Stain constellation wormholes; the connetion could even go through one of the three Sansha-controlled shattered C4s! — Increase these 2b transit holes to 3b transit: B449, M164, V989. — +150% S199 [as against current rate of NS → NS S199 only]. — +30% Z142, C248, E587 (C5/C6/Thera → NS). — +25% C140, C391, V898 (C5/C6/Thera → LS). — +20% five new NS → JS holes [as against current rate of NS → JS wanderers only], L031 (NS → Thera). — +15% Z971, R943, X702, N432, U319 (LS → JS) [as against current rate of LS → JS wanderers only], M164 (LS → Thera). — +10% N944 (LS → LS) [as against current rate of LS → LS N944 only]. — +5% A641, B449, D792, B520, Q063 (HS/LS/C5/C6/Thera → HS). — +2.5% three new HS → C1-C3 holes [as against current rate of HS → C1-C3 wanderers], R051, V283, M555, B041, T458 (HS → LS/NS/C5/C6/Thera).