opt-in unified account management portal based on email address (2FA required). auth accounts once, subsequent logins to unified account management gives ESI auth access for all associated accounts   • ESI management of multiple characters is a PITA, and an enormous one for lots of characters. given how much multiboxing is pushed, this should've been done years ago spend more on making the ESI server functional, well-documented & stable (third-party tooling makes EVE much more enjoyable) play a warning sound if jumping into a system that is not onlined (DT crew checking in) or simply do away with this warning altogether and have the ship jump in once the system is onlined graphics options tickbox to disable all cloud rendering Probe Scanner window:   • ability to save all 100% scanned Cosmic Signatures to individual bookmarks with one button   • persist results & ignores across client closures/launches   • ability to drag saved probe formations into chats/notes & thus easily trade them New Location window: more expiry options! 16 & 24 hours would be nice for wormholersbtw; an arbitrary option like 1-168 hours would be super-nice increase character limit of bookmarks shown in the in-space right-click menu from 25 to ~50 Solar System map:   • new button called Focus Probes (focuses view on center of all currently-launched probes)    • associated keyboard shortcut would be ace (also: would be nice if holding the shortcut and left-clicking a warpable centered probes & view there)   • increase visual differentiation between Shared and Local bookmarks with color/saturation/size/whatever (they look too similar)   • right-click option for "Center Probes on [object]" (also in overview and brackets in space). only for warpables like bookmarks, planets, beacons, structures, etc   • add POCOs to it   • allow filtering the objects it shows with dscan presets (would be much quicker than manually ticking/unticking things) Locations window:   • ability to undo bookmark deletion (and/or a Recycle Bin sorta deal)   • button on bookmark folders/subfolders (like the current eye button) which makes contained bookmarks appear on the overview, complete with distance readouts   • make its Search tab list bookmarks in searched systems in Route and general Search tool results: make systems sortable by gate/Ansiblex jumps from current location and by LY distance from current location more keyboard shortcuts:   • Probe Scanner window: Recover Active Probes (currently only a UI button)   • Probe Scanner window: Reconnect to Lost Probes (currently only a UI button)   • Probe Scanner window: Center current formation on your ship (currently only a UI button)   • Solar System Map: Focus Current Location (currently only a UI button)   • set minimum non-zero speed (perhaps user-configurable)   • increment speed one position (eleven 10% throttle positions from 0% speed up to 100% speed)   • decrement speed one position   • increment speed by [user-configurable m/s]   • decrement speed by [user-configurable m/s] in text input fields, make double-click select clicked word and triple-click select entire line (this is already true of Notepad notes & chat windows, but not e.g. search fields or the New Location "Label" field) prevent CONCORD Rogue Analysis Beacons from anchoring within 500 km of wormholes logi on killmails via (assistable) logi-only drone:   • big tank, no damage, 300 km optimal, ~5 s RoF, 1 m³, 1 mbit/s unique bandwidth RR amount-bonused hulls get 5 m³ bay & unique 1 mbit/s bandwidth + 300 km control range only for this drone ability to copy all names from Watchlist to clipboard and paste linked names into a Notepad note, and vice-versa (and/or ability to simply drag multiple highlighted names from Watchlist to a note)   • alternatively/additionally: Save Watchlist option in hamburger menu with associated window of reloadable saved watchlists (with option to overwrite dupe named WLs)     • bonus: saved watchlists repopulate DCs and new joins without having to do anything     • bonus: saved watchlists are tradeable via click-and-drag links     • bonus: also save color settings increase character limit of Notepad notes make lists of Overview filter presets scrollable (right-click an Overview tab → Bracket Presets → Custom FIlters) because the menu containing them can easily be made taller than the screen ability to toggle a black background behind the HUD (i.e. between the skybox and the HUD). some places are so bright that it's hard to tell if modules are activated reduce lock range of all non-carrier NPCs to 300 km, excepting CONCORD/etc (ranges sensibly individualized to NPC roles would be better, but simply lowering all non-carriers to 300 would be ace) merge TCU & IHUB change Mobile Depot reinforcement period from 48 hours to 3-6 hours right-click option for modules in Fitting window called Swap With which presents list of appropriate modules in cargo, item hangar or depot. left-clicking an option swaps the mods (and empties contents) ability to save & share multi-waypoint routes (e.g. click "Copy Route to Clipboard" button in Route tool and paste unique-colored link into chat/notepad; right-clicking the link gives "Set Route" option) move bracketsAlwaysShowShipText=1 from the prefsini into the client as a settings option (require restart if necessary) add a 30-second spool-up timer for all Needlejack and Pochven filaments which prevents cloaking of outbound ships for the duration and prevent filament activation from deadspace View Outside for NPC stations nerf Ansiblex jump gates:   • reduce radius of Ansi models from 13 to 3 km to make them surroundable by a single dictor bubble like half of all normal stargates (commensurately scale down the model & collision geometry, too)   • if more nerfing is necessary, introduce Ansi polarization (allow only 2 Ansi jumps per x_timespan). could exempt some hulls from polarization (capsule, shuttles, industrials) T2 shuttles: 0 cargo capacity & warp at 0.5 AU/s, but warp to zero when autopiloting make "Add as First Waypoint" also an option for systems/stations/structures in chats/notepad/broadcasts/map. currently exists only via right-clicking a gate in overview or in space (or via 3rd-party apps) new Fleet window hamburger menu option: Flag Exempt From Regroup new category of scannable wormhole site. randomly spawns in internal systems of Great Wildlands, Stain, Syndicate and Venal (4+ jumps from other regions). named NPCs in 3 JFs guarded by appropriate hulls   • JF pilots are near a very small structure which provides timered tether (2 minutes w/10 m cooldown). they pay 5-25% extra for blue loot, red loot, and overseer's effects (randomized). maybe standing plays a role   • sites also feature an S199 and R943 on the same grid which, if rolled, respawn elsewhere on the grid. the opposite sides of both holes have an NPC in a Covert Ops frigate near them     • warpin (invisible beacon at zero on the signature) lands you in tether range of the small structure & plays warning that it's temporary tether, conspicious 2 minute countdown starts • the two holes are 75km away from the structure, opposite each other, and can be individually bookmarked then warped to (like Pochven holes). sites are not deadspaced   • 2 in Great Wildlands, Syndicate, and Venal and 4 in Stain, never in the same or adjacent consts (50 systems each in GW/Syn/Venal & 100 in Stain for 0.4% odds per system)   • site names, respectively: Thukker Wandering Caravan, Intaki Dealbrokers, Guristas Fences, True Slave Traffickers. scanning difficulty Level V (104 probe strength minimum required to scan down) add inventory columns for "Blueprint Material Efficiency" and "Blueprint Time Efficiency" add a folded corner (or something) to further visually differentiate BPCs from BPOs. maybe also add "copy" to the item name of all copies allow contracting of Blueprints from Industry window's Blueprints tab add "copying" to the Advanced Industry skill's description so it reads e.g. "3% reduction in all manufacturing, research, and copying times" (the current description doesn't indicate that copying is affected) non-audit log and non-password variants of station containers right-click toggle option for containers in hangars called "Lock Against Repackaging"   • a "Hide from Inventory" option would be even better, so one can make sorting containers appear only only in the Index drop-down sort active/piloted ship to top of Ship Hangar, top-left in Icons view mode (or option to make this the case) ability to remotely split and stack items via the Personal Assets window ability to split stacks into arbitrarily-many stacks (i.e. "Split into x_number of stacks"). could cap or rate-limit this if it could be abused uncap the number of rentable offices in NPC stations • a cap on rental bills might also be in order; the rent is too DAMN high! (that's assuming there's anything to rent, of course) Show Info window: add parenthetical duration of corporations' stays in alliances to their Alliance History tabs (to match characters' stays in corporations in their Employment History tabs) change item-dispensing COSMOS-related sites so they provide x_items per day per character (or use some other non-DT-only timing scheme). see e.g. this one   • such mission-critical sites have been pilfered by bots for well over a decade now. they constitute a continuous low-level ISK drip feed to a few shitters   • COSMOS missions could use a lot more attention generally, but the ones gated by DT-replenishing items can be straightforwardly fixed in the Reset Settings section of the Escape menu: disambiguate that hot mess!   • clarify & standardize; for instance, warnings of the type, "Always warn me if:"     • "I'm about to jump into a Sansha-influenced system in Low-Security or Null-Security space"     • "I'm about to jump into a Trigavian-influenced system"     • "I'm about to jump into an EDENCOM-influenced system" figure out what, exactly, we can't do while warping. make midwarp messages reflect in-game circumstances (e.g. "Jump command canceled/queued," "Docking request canceled/queued") allow grouping of identical smartbombs (see also: remote reps/sebos/tracking comps, ewar modules) two new right-click options for fitted hulls, both in the same section of the menu as (!) Strip Fitting: (!) Strip Fitting & Empty Cargo, and (!) Empty Cargo ability to add more than one character at a time to an ACL (e.g. with CSV in clipboard) ACL-based:   • fleet visibility lists (i.e. in the Open Fleet to section of the Create Advert window, accessible ACLs become a tickable option)   • Fitting Management tiers   • chat block lists (maybe some well-intentioned folks would maintain a spammer list and Jita local could be worth using)   • standings lists   • wallets [I know this'd be a PITA, but it'd be nice]   • hangars [I know this'd be a PITA, but it'd be nice] ability to pre-populate the history (i.e. autocomplete fill options) of the Search tool with a list of characters/structures/systems/items (e.g. with CSV in clipboard)   • same thing for other input fields, i.e. the New Location (bookmark) window, Route tool, Contract window, Delivery window, Market window, ACL Add Members window, etc     • additionally or alternatively: nearest and/or most-frequently-searched autocomplete suggestions could be useful, though there are so many things to search for that this being optional would be nice bring starter filaments (T0 Tranquils) back to starter space (9 and 10 security) and push the rest further down. proposed changes new Fleet boss ship/class checklist which auto-moves selected ship classes to specified wing/squad positions. mockup make Planetary Industry less of an interminable clickfest option to enable an extra confirmation popup if destroying implants when death cloning. maybe the second warning plays the hull alarm sound and asks, "REALLY DESTROY THESE IMPLANTS?" indicate warp invulnerability at the top-left. "unlockability" is a better term since one is actually vulnerable to AoE damage during warp (and during deceleration) show remaining m³ available in cargo holds/containers and allow copying all these values to clipboard via right- or double-click. e.g. "3,419.27/13,05.78 (9,63853 remaining)" buy DOTLAN from Wollari (or SMT from Slazanger) and integrate it into the client, or contract an astrometrist-cartographer to build them in-house. must be thousands of them looking for work, amirite? persist minimization/closure of chat(s) after client close (n.b. involuntary channels like Corp, Alliance, Sansha Incursion) ability to batch edit bookmark labels, perhaps with regex conditions (could have a separate interface for this so it can't be abused for lag)   • I realize this is a niche thing for hoarders & sellers, but it'd be an absolute godsend for weirdos with many thousands of BMs (not that I know any such people) new Infomorph Diffusion skill. rename Elite Infomorph Psychology to Advanced Infomorph Diffusion. they add & expand capacity of a diffuse JC vat usable only where a primary JC vat is installed   • only 1 primary vat may be installed at any station/structure. ID & AID increase total capacity of diffuse vats, 2 clones per level (yes, total clone capacity goes up to 20)   • Infomorph Psychology now increases the amount of primary JC vats which may be installed, one per level (one level remains accessible for Alphas)   • Advanced Infomorph Psychology removed & SP refunded. all characters now have one primary JC vat by default, 2 if Omega, for a new cap on JC locations of 2 or 7 (currently it's 1 or 15)     • let them ree new Infomorph Regeneration skill: Omega only Requires AID level 4 (AID remains a 12x skill). enables a "Regenerative Mode" toggle switch in the JC window which, if toggled on: • reduces the JC cooldown by an additional 180 minutes per level (for a new 4-hour minimum) at the cost of only having 3 primary JC vats available • Regenerative Mode can only be enabled if 3 or fewer primary vats exist & prohibits installation of > 3 (diffusion vats remain accessible up to trained cap). 6-month cooldown + 500 m ISK to swap modes reduce uninteresting tedium surrounding skill planning:   • remove remapping and combine all attributes into a single Neuroplasticity value at 25 points. keep implants/boosters at current values (SP/hour would be unchanged)   • remove 30% buy-and-inject convenience fee for skillbooks. could remove NPC skillbook sell orders and phase school-derived books out or keep them around; doesn't matter     • sourcing of dropped and LP-derived skillbooks will remain unchanged move all mission/anomaly/incursion popup text into Local chat, or make an option in settings to make this the default behavior increase cost of Asset Safety HS: 5% then 20%, LS: 10% then 35%, NS: 15% then 50%. could alternatively scale it based on lightyear distance of delivery a more advanced corporation logo generator; something a bit less aughtiee. see also: all the old NPC faction & corporation logos (the new ones are cool, though) modules, etc:   • make Sansha's Nation rats drop shield tank modules instead of armor tank. convert all existing Sansha armor mods to those of an armor faction (e.g. BR) • related to the above: rename Intact Armor Plates to something which makes sense for shield tankers but also their role as a component in Armor rigs (e.g. Molecular Alignment Harmonizers)   • give the Oneiros and Scimitar two extra mid slots which can only fit Remote Tracking Computers and Remote Sensor Boosters and a 10% per level reduction in their activation cost • give T3C Support Processor subs one such slot   • introduce Remote Missile Guidance Computers (and Onei/Scimi/Support-T3Cs can fit them & get the bonus). these would require far too much balancing work but I still want them   • reduce Interdiction Nullifier II reactivation to 80 seconds. new Restrained variant at 90 s and new Thukker variant at 70 s   • new Nullifier Runtime Accelerator rig which reduces Nullifier activation time—how long it cycles—by 50/75 percent (T1/T2). 175/200 calibration, limit 1 per hull   • new Syndicate Interdiction Sphere Launcher with 16 m³ capacity, 50 second reload, 90 CPU   • new Hypertrophied Warp Disrupt Probe, warp disruption range of 23.5 km (for 47 km diameter bubbles), volume of 8 m³, 1,130 HP (also from Syndicate LP, like Surgical probes)   • reduce volume of Surgical Probes to 4 m³ (so a Syndicate launcher will hold 2 Hypertrophied, 3 normal, or 4 Surgical probes)   • modules unique to underutilized faction LP stores which make those factions worth running missions for: • Mordu's Legion Remote Missile Guidance Computer, Missile Guidance Computer & Missile Guidance Enhancer. these have increased velocity bonuses, but T2 equivalent for flight time and application • Khanid Navy Remote Missile Guidance Computer, Missile Guidance Computer & Missile Guidance Enhancer. these have increased application bonuses, but T2 equivalents for flight time & velocity • give Khanid Navy Stasis Webifier 65% or even 70% speed reduction. it already has the lowest range of the faction webs; more speed reduction would fit with the Khanid brawly theme!    • Ammatar Navy Signature Radius Suppressor (since Minmatar are shield/armor hybrid tankers) • maybe an Ammatar Navy Reactive Armor Hardener? because they wanna please their armor-tanking slaver overlords?   • while there's a vague logic to stratifying faction & officer smartbombs EM > THE > EXP > KIN, I'd rather they were uniform by meta level (all raised to EM level). not sure on this differentiate wormholes based on origins/destinations, increase some wormhole frequencies and add new wormholes:   • separate hole types which currently have multiple origin classes to allow more finely-tuned changes (thinking of e.g. event-specific wormhole distribution alterations):     • make S199 only NS → NS, N944 only LS → LS, B449 only LS → HS, Z971 only LS → C1, R943 only LS → C2, X702 only LS → C3, N432 only LS → C5, U319 only LS → C6     • eight new KS → JS wandering holes to separate the existing ones; five NS → C1, C2, C3, C5, and C6 and three HS → C1, C2 and C3 (same stats as their current equivalents; HS → C5/C6 already exist)     • new LS → NS wormhole to replace current LS → NS S199; +75% current frequency of LS → NS S199; same mass & transit as S199     • new NS → LS wormhole to replace current NS → LS N944; +5% current frequency of NS → LS N944; same mass & transit as N944     • new NS → HS wormhole to replace current NS → HS B449; +25% current frequency of NS → HS B449; same mass & transit as V283   • new static frigholes to shattered C2 space from each system w/ a Paragon station (including Jita, Amarr, Dodixie, Hek, Rens). these would be excellent nexuses of violence     • regen like the other frigholes (unrollable) 6-hour lifespans, but respawn is randomized between 0 and 12 hours (i.e. they can respawn anywhere from immediately after dying to 12 hours after)     • the triple-static shattered C2s would be an excellent intro to the harshness of JS   • new reverse-static medium Thera → Pochven wormhole; patrolled by SoE in in Thera and Sleepers in Poch; can appear in any Pochven system; same mass & transit as C729   • new static Thera → JS C3-class wormholes to each class of JS (roughly according to prevalence, e.g. one C6, two C1s, and three each C2-C5) 500 k, 2 m or 3 m tonnes depending on destination   • two new holes tied in with Sansha Incursions 410 k tonnes of individual hull capacity (i.e. Bowheads & smaller) and 3 m tonnes of total throughput. camped by Incursion rats (tackling ones optional)     • one is always present in a random system of a given incurred constellation (i.e. every active Incursion always has one of these holes somewhere). it always points to one of the 3 shattered Sansha C4s     • the other points to a random Stain const & always spawns on the same grid with one of the above holes, between 1000 and 2000 km away. they roll & respawn as a pair (i.e. have a single shared mass pool)   • +30% S199 [as against current rate of NS → NS S199 only]   • +25% Z142, C248, E587 (C5/C6 → NS)   • +20% C140, C391, V898 (C5/C6 → LS)   • +15% five new NS → JS holes [as against current rate of NS → JS wanderers only], L031 (NS → Thera)   • +10% Z971, R943, X702, N432, U319 (LS → JS) [as against current rate of LS → JS wanderers only], M164 (LS → Thera)   • +7.5% N944 (LS → LS) [as against current rate of LS → LS N944 only]   • +5% three new HS → C1-C3 holes [as against current rate of HS → C1-C3 wanderers], R051, V283, M555, B041, T458 (HS → LS/NS/C5/C6/Thera)   • +2.5% A641, B449, D792, B520, Q063 (HS/LS/C5/C6/Thera → HS)

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