Suggestions for EVE Online newcomers:
  1. EVE has no win conditions, so ignore/mitigate the aspects of play you dislike, pursue those you enjoy, and ignore naysayers
  2. block toxic players. most EVE players are chill, but the stakes involved mean some act terribly. report egregious behavior to CCP
  3. remember that everything can be destroyed if it's undocked, regardless of system security level (everything: ships, fitted modules, cargo, implants)
  4. know that losses in EVE, barring exploits or CCP errors, are permanent. CCP usually won't reimburse you for ignorance of mechanics or for scams or treachery
  5. trust as few guides/tools/mentors as you can & test/validate if something's critical and uncertain. 3rd-party info/tooling (including my own) isn't necessarily correct or up-to-date
  6. seek out guides/tools/mentors and learn as much as possible from them. this contradicts the above, but the point is: other peoples' ideas/tools are constraints as much catalysts
  7. every so often, do something you haven't before; there's always more depth to explore
  8. find other nerds to play with. the best ship in EVE is friendship, but you can be a lone wolf if it suits you. also: leave your corp/alliance if it's not fun for you & try a different one
The EVE University wiki article on Getting Started in EVE Online is a decent resource, as are the game's own Career Agents.

Be forewarned: if you're easily upset by loss, can't laugh at yourself, are thin-skinned, can't use a search engine, or are gullible and/or naive, EVE Online probably isn't the game for you. All PvE in EVE can become PvP without your consent and the market itself is a form of PvP. If this bothers you, don't install it. If it thrills you... sorry in advance for all the time you will lose.

I list my own tools & resources and link to others here. My stuff's not all newcomer-oriented. Remember #5. is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. EVE Index. If you found something here useful, Jambe N'det appreciates gifts (Fedos, Spiced Wine, ISK, etc). EVE Online and the EVE logo are registered trademarks of CCP hf. All rights reserved. Full copyright notice.