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Chelm's Modified Large EMP SmartbombOfficer1413022508010500525EM
Draclira's Modified Large EMP SmartbombOfficer1413022508010500525EM
Ahremen's Modified Large EMP SmartbombOfficer131302000809750488EM
Vizan's Modified Large EMP SmartbombOfficer131302000809750488EM
Cormack's Modified Large Plasma SmartbombOfficer141402250809450473THE
Tobias' Modified Large Proton SmartbombOfficer141502250809100455EXP
Raysere's Modified Large EMP SmartbombOfficer121301750809000450EM
Selynne's Modified Large EMP SmartbombOfficer121301750809000450EM
Setele's Modified Large Plasma SmartbombOfficer131402000808775440THE
Estamel's Modified Large Graviton SmartbombOfficer1416010001128750438KIN
Gotan's Modified Large Proton SmartbombOfficer131502000808450423EXP
Brokara's Modified Large EMP SmartbombOfficer111301500808250413EM
Tairei's Modified Large EMP SmartbombOfficer111301500808250413EM
Vepas' Modified Large Graviton SmartbombOfficer1316010001048125407KIN
Tuvan's Modified Large Plasma SmartbombOfficer121401750808100405THE
Hakim's Modified Large Proton SmartbombOfficer121501750807800390EXP
Thon's Modified Large Graviton SmartbombOfficer121601000967500375KIN
Ammatar Navy Large EMP SmartbombFaction91301000807500375EM
Dark Blood Large EMP SmartbombFaction91301000807500375EM
Imperial Navy Large EMP SmartbombFaction91301000807500375EM
Khanid Navy Large EMP SmartbombFaction91301000807500375EM
True Sansha Large EMP SmartbombFaction91301000807500375EM
Brynn's Modified Large Plasma SmartbombOfficer111401500807425372THE
Mizuro's Modified Large Proton SmartbombOfficer111501500807150358EXP
Kaikka's Modified Large Graviton SmartbombOfficer111601000886875344KIN
Federation Navy Large Plasma SmartbombFaction91401000806750338THE
Shadow Serpentis Large Plasma SmartbombFaction91401000806750338THE
Domination Large Proton SmartbombFaction91501000806500325EXP
Republic Fleet Large Proton SmartbombFaction91501000806500325EXP
Caldari Navy Large Graviton SmartbombFaction91601000806250313KIN
Dread Guristas Large Graviton SmartbombFaction91601000806250313KIN
'Warhammer' Large EMP Smartbomb IStoryline6200900646000350EM
Large EMP Smartbomb IITech II52201100806000300EM
Large Proton Smartbomb IITech II52201100806000300EXP
Large Graviton Smartbomb IITech II52201100806000300KIN
Large Plasma Smartbomb IITech II52201100806000300THE
Large Degenerative Concussion Bomb IStoryline6200900686000250EXP
Large 'Vehemence' Shockwave ChargeTech I12001000645000300EM
Large 'Notos' Explosive Charge ITech I12001000765000300EXP
Large Rudimentary Concussion Bomb ITech I12001000725000300KIN
Large YF-12a SmartbombTech I12001000685000300THE
Large EMP Smartbomb ITech I02001000805000250EM
Large Proton Smartbomb ITech I02001000805000250EXP
Large Graviton Smartbomb ITech I02001000805000250KIN
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