JS visuals are all rather distinct, and Thera and C6 have dead text giveaways in Show Info (Thera is explicit, C6 is "deadly unknown").
Thera, the five Drifter systems, and the 25 Tripnulls constitute the 7 classes which share a skybox.
Drifters' KS holes are obvious because of the deadspacing, but their statics (all to JS) aren't deadspaced.

The predominant color of HS/LS wormholes indicates which Empire they lead to: blue = Caldari, green = Gallente, red = Minmatar, yellow = Amarr:

Black Rise
Khanid (actually more brown than yellow, but whatever)
Kor-Azor (again, more brown than yellow, and lotsa green in)
Molden Heath
Sinq Laison
The Bleak Lands
The Citadel
The Forge
Verge Vendor

NS visuals are more various but still have some visual cohesion based on their position in the galaxy.
Pochven holes are indicated as Triglavian Space in Show Info but also have unique giant ice/rock strucures on their grids and their signatures are 75 km away from their holes.
Pochven wormhole grids are not deadspaced like Drifter wormhole grids.
Here's an image of DOTLAN's universe map with visually-similar regions enclosed with the defining nebula color of their area.
Commentary starts in the galactic northwest, next to Gallente space, and proceeds clockwise, with the colloquial cardinal directions of a region to the left:

NW: Cloud Ring, Outer Ring, and Syndicate are a telltale green. Outer Ring shows the full Ring, Cloud Ring shows it cut off to the top & right, and Syndicate doesn't show it.
 N: Tribute and Pure Blind are Caldari blue; Tribute has a giveaway red splotch at its bottom-left.
 N: Fade is gray/brown like Stain and nearby, but has the Branch/Deklein arm nebula sticking out to the top-right. Branch and Deklein are extremely alike, Branch is just tilted clockwise a bit.
 N: Venal has the Branch/Deklein nebula at its core but more tilted and faded. Tenal has the nebula at its left and the yelloiwsh Jove neulba to its right.
 N: Vale of the Silent has the same dark blue-gray as Venal but without the arm nebula. Brighter in the center, with a tiny giveaway red patch below-center.
 N: Geminate has spindly gray arm at left and a bright red/orange/yellow nebula at right (the rightward nebula makes it look more like eastern Angel regions than Northern ones).
NE: All the Dronelands systems feature a telltale electric blue-white nebula; most also have either the yellowish Jove nebula, the spindly arm nebula, or the red/orange/yellow nebula.
 E: Cache has a small bright reddish-yellow patch on the left and a brownish dusty patch shooting out to the right.
 E: Great Wildlands has an extremely-distinctive & compact red hourglass nebula at center. Scalding Pass is a yellow-red mass with a telltale bright white section at the top-right.
 E: Insmother has the yellow-red nebula to the left and the hourglass nebula at the top-right. Wicked Creek has the yellow-red nebula on the right with dusty blue & gray to the left.
 E: Curse has the yellow-red nebula above and a spindly nebula jutting out to the bottom-right.
SE: Detorid, Immensea, Tenerifis, Omist, Feythabolis and Impass all feature a characteristic electric blue-green nebula in various positions.
 S: Catch has a distinct yellow-orange nebula to the right and a nondistinct yellow-orange smear to the left.
 S: Providence is the most easily-identifiable NS region; it's the only NS nebula with that giveaway Amarr golden-yellow.
 S: Stain is the darkest of the nebulae; some faint brownish dust. Esoteria has that same faint dust, but with a distinct bright arm jutting from its center to its bottom-left.
 S: Paragon Soul is Stain's dust, but brighter and grayer to the bottom, darker & browner above. Period Basis is Paragon Soul but zoomed-in & brighter.
SW: Querious is dusty and brown as well, but with a wide blue-gray expanse beneath and a telltale brightish-white patch jutting straight up from its center.
SW: Delve has the dustiness of Stain & company to the right and a giveaway white/yellow/orange streak shooting from center to bottom-left.
 W: Fountain is distinctive; an orange nebula from center to lower-left and a gray/brown one from center to right.

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