IMPORTANT: drag your cloak and bomb launcher modules off the f-key row and away from frequently-clicked buttons & areas of the screen. Reduces the odds of decloak/awox fuckups.

get bomb launcher & cloak off the f-key row

Remember the ABC mantra: Always Be Cloaked. If you're not currently shooting at something, be cloaked. You just undocked and warped off? Cloak. You're gating somewhere? Cloak in warp! You just bridged into a mid and nobody has said anything yet? Starburst and cloak (i.e. burn away from the cyno and cloak on-grid). You were told to get off-grid? Warp to a celestial at range and cloak. Gotta go AFK? Let your friends know, warp off, and cloak.

Note: some FCs (dumbos) mean "warp off and cloak" when they say starburst, some (smarties) instead mean "burn away from the cyno and cloak on-grid". FCs with an excess of brain folds will explicitly specify what to do. Usually the situation will indicate what is appropriate, but if you're unsure, try to stay on-grid so you can catch warps.

If you're in an armor BLOPS fleet: offline your plates before bridging (if you're conduit jumping, keep them online).

Note: with the introduction of conduit jumps in June 2021, you no longer need to do anything to be conduit jumped by a BLOPs. If you're using a regular bridge, though, the procedure is explained below.

Setting up the Radial Menu to bridge (you can alternatively just use the right-click menu):

Hit Escape and open General settings. Change Open Radial Menu With and Radial Menu Delay to suit you (I use middle mouse button and zero delay):

radial menu setup

Put your bridger in your Watchlist. When a bridge is called, open the Radial Menu on your bridger by clicking & holding the assigned button on their name. While holding the button down, move the cursor directly above the Radial Menu.

When the bridge goes up, the menu's top section will light up and the menu will read “Jump through to [system]". Release the button to take the bridge. If you’re not in jump range when the bridge goes up, use the Keep at Range option instead (1km is what you want, which should be the default) then use Jump once in range. Do not activate your propulsion module.

jump via Radial Menu

Quickly check jump ranges:

Contemporary browsers allow you to assign keyboard shortcuts to search strings, usually replacing your search term with "%s" in a URL. Google "search engine settings" or "search shortcuts" or similar. Use e.g. ",5/%s" in your shortcut search, et voila! Searching for "db Jita" (or whatever) will now take you to DOTLAN's Sin range maps for Jita.

In EVE, you can drag a system name from the top left or a character name from local into a chat entry box and select all from there. Tab out to your browser, key in your shortcut, paste and smash Enter.

Set up multiple shortcuts if you want. For example, make a "ds" shortcut and use a Hel in the above string to get super range maps. Maybe you also want a shortcut with a Moros for cap maps and an Ark for Rorq/JF maps.

No longer will you be that tedious goober asking, "is [staging_system] in range of [krab_filled_backwater]?" for the 40th time.

You can also setup shortcuts which produce maps of systems within an arbitrary number of gate jumps from a system. For instance, "" will give you maps of of systems within 5 gate jumps of whatever you paste in. Perhaps make a zkillboard shortcut to quickly check system activity and sus chars in local ( if you're not already using PySpy for that.

If you want to do the same stuff faster, you can use AutoHotKey.


Right-click the desktop, hover over New, and left-click AutoHotKey Script. Name the script (e.g. "dotlan_ranges.ahk" or similar). Right-click it to edit the file and replace the contents with the following:

AutoHotkey scripts

^!1:: Send, ^x clipwait Run,`,5/%clipboard% Return ^!2:: Send, ^x clipwait Run,`,5/%clipboard% Return ^!3:: Send, ^x clipwait Run,`,5/%clipboard% Return ^!4:: Send, ^x clipwait Run,`,5/%clipboard% Return ^!q:: Send, ^x clipwait Run, Return ^!w:: Send, ^x clipwait Run, Return ^!e:: Send, ^x clipwait Run, Return

Save the changes and double-click the file; the script is now running, indicated by the green [H] icon in your taskbar. With something of interest highlighted or in your clipboard, hit Control + Alt + 1, 2, 3, or 4. A new tab in your default browser should open to the system's DOTLAN range maps for BLOPS, supers, caps, or rorqs/JFs, respectively.

There's also zKill search (Control + Alt + Q) and W and E will produce DOTLAN range maps of 5 or 10 gate jumps, respectively.

Here's how to change the hotkeys to whichever key combos you prefer. You can also make the script run automatically when Windows starts.

Note: your browser will likely replace included spaces with "%20" instead of an underscore like Dotlan uses, so the 16 systems with spaces in the names need manual attention in the resulting URL. You could use RegExReplace (or whatever) to replace spaces in the script's outputted text, but I can't be assed.

If you can be helpful: bring hunters, Blockade Runners, bridging BLOPS, or extra DPS alts. Maybe you have dictor alts you could seed in useful spots. Nobody knows you can do these things unless you use your words. Ask your friends for fits and procedures!