USE EVERYTHING HERE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Contact me on Discord [Jambe#8631] if you want something.


Fleet mass calculator (requires Google account).

Wormhole info & ship mass quick reference (sortable).

Various ship fits of interest to me.

DOTLAN maps of Pochven's 27 C729 spawn zones, Jove Observatories, and EDENCOM Fortresses.

How to land in jump range of Drifter wormholes.

Is that NPC station a kickout?

Miscellaneous BLOPS info.

Gate spawn radii.

Regions by rat type and faction ownership (sortable).

Smartbombing damage table (x8 large SBs) as well as the x7 version (Praxis is a lovely).

Abominable whaling wormhole reference table.


devfleet / awesome-eve - a list of 3rd party applications and tools for EVE Online. - Steve Ronuken's smorgasbord of tools & resources (n.b. his market API and his packaged dumps of the SDE). - tracks abyssal module contracts (note also the roll calculator) (FOSS).

pyfa, the python fitting assistant - make, tweak & test ship fits out of game and push them into the game (FOSS).

EVE Ref - the most readable quick reference site I've found.

EVEMarketer - the best browser interface to EVE's market I've found (also provides API).

Adam4EVE - well-presented market & industry info.

DOTLAN - the EVE mapping/routing tool. EVEEYE Explorer also exists, but isn't my cuppa.

The EVE University wiki - it's a game wiki, so verify its info is up-to-date if it's critical.

Slazanger's Map Tool aka SMT - useful mapping/routing/intel program (FOSS).

Calavoow's asset safety list/search tool - find the systems to which asset safety punts items (FOSS).

Enitin's ship database spreadsheet.

The Station Cyno Placement Guide - old, but still good as of 2020 (by Larenon en Marland).

Sacah's zKill-fu guide - how to use to the fullest.

Pochven Entry Manual - how to get into and out of Pochven.

Ashley Traynor's excellent How 2 Krab series - various ISK-making strategies for wormholersbtw.

Ashley Traynor's wormhole visual identification guide.

Tripwire and Pathfiinder, two wormhole chain tracking & info tools (both FOSS).


EVE Scout - a public Thera mapping service provided by the Signal Cartel and their associates.

WINGSPAN's Wormhole Location Services - get any wormhole located for a reasonable fee.

United Standings Improvement Agency - they grind standings for ISK. Nice for trade characters, locators, pullers, etc.