Five Methods to Land at Zero on a Drifter Hole

Have all brackets showing and warp to a uni. Imagine a straight line starting at the beacon running through the wormhole out into infinity (hereafter called the Line of Syzygy or LoS). Check for warpable objects on or near the LoS.


Method 1: The Rare Jackpot Warpable.

If there's a warpable on (or very near) the LoS, simply warp straight from it to the uni at 89 km and you'll land in jump range.

Note: wormholes have a radius of 3 km and a jump range of 5 km, so you can enter a wormhole from anywhere within a 16 km-wide sphere centered on its icon.

Another Note: if you can use an interdictor, this and methods 2-4 can work on the opposite LoS as well, i.e. the one starting at the wormhole and projecting through the beacon. Just drop a bubble 20km behind the hole and it will drag ships into jump range.


Method 2: Adjust a Warpable.

If your only warpable is not sufficiently-near the LoS to land you at zero, warp to it and then back to the uni and save several bookmarks in rapid succession as you near the uni. You're looking to get one that's just offgrid, which is right around 12000 km (anything between there and ~15k is acceptable). Note: sometimes grids still get stretched and you need to go further.

Once you get a nearby offgrid bookmark, MWD from it toward the LoS. Once you've gone ~500 km, drop another bookmark, warp back to the hole and judge how far and in what direction you have yet to burn to line up your bookmark. Keep doing this (and use your best judgement as to how far to burn between checks) until you get a roughly straight line between beacon, wormhole and bookmark.

Method 3: Ping Between Warpables.

If no warpables are near the LoS, look out towards the edges of the system. If there are two warpables in front of the beacon and roughly on opposite sides of LoS, warp between them and drop bookmarks near the LoS. Then repeat the above fine-tuning steps from the bookmark nearest the LoS.

Method 4: Just Burn It.

Get something fast (e.g. a 10 km/s Punisher) and burn out along the LoS for ~25 minutes until you leave the grid.

Warning: You can be zapped by Drifters from 250 km. Also, don't burn off a Drifter grid if you're using the hole within ~20 minutes. Drifters chase you at 3.5 km/s and can then hang around on the grid for longer than normal, becoming a nuisance.

Method 5: Microjump (DANGEROUS).

If an offgrid bookmark isn't viable, you can microjump toward the wormhole. You can use an MMJU or CD, or MJD with a DST/BC/BS.

You can simply microjump straight from the beacon then burn into jump range, but I suggest you take a few seconds and set up to microjump directly into the jump sphere of the wormhole. This works best if you have a warpable behind the beacon ➝ wormhole LoS; if the only warpables are in front of it, you can can of course use a dictor to adjust your landing spot, but it's more to faff with.

In a cloaky or instawarp ship, warp to something behind the beacon. Warp from it to the uni at nonzero distances until you land 102 km from the wormhole. Remember which warpable you used and the warp range which landed you at 102km (the ingame Notepad is handy for this).

If you microjump to a wormhole from 104.x to 96.x km away (as per the overview), you'll land in jump range. Bear in mind:

  1. you exit warp randomly placed on a 5 km-wide sphere centered on your warpin point
  2. you need time to align to the hole (which varies with skills, hulls and fittings)
  3. you need additional time to spool the microjump (5-12 s depending on skills/module)
  4. you maintain pre-jump velocity post-jump (i.e. pay attention that you don't drift out of jump range)
  5. you don't need a perfect warpin, but minimizing time on Drifter grids is advisable, because: