How to Land at Zero on a Drifter Hole

Have all brackets showing and warp to a uni. Imagine a straight line starting at the beacon running through the wormhole out into infinity (hereafter called the Line of Syzygy or LoS). Check if there are any warpable objects near the LoS.

If there's a rare jackpot warpable on (or very near) the LoS, simply warp straight from that warpable to the uni at 89 km and you'll land in jump range of the hole (jump range of wormholes is 5km).


If your only warpable is not sufficiently-near the LoS, warp to it and then back to the uni and create a bookmark (or several in rapid succession) as you near the uni. The closer it is to 12000 km from the beacon without seeing the wormhole, the less you'll have to burn. It should be be just offgrid (note: sometimes grids get stretched and you need to go ~15000 km or more; just pay attention).

Once you get a nearby offgrid bookmark, MWD from it toward the LoS. Once you've gone ~500 km, drop another bookmark, warp back to the hole and judge how far and in what direction you have yet to burn to line up your bookmark. Keep doing this (and use your best judgement as to how far to burn between checks) until you get a roughly straight line between beacon, wormhole and bookmark.

If no warpables are near the LoS, look out towards the edges of the system. If there are two warpables in front of the beacon and roughly on opposite sides of LoS, warp between them and drop bookmarks as you cross (or near) the LoS. Then repeat the above fine-tuning steps from your near-syzygy bookmark.

The highlighted area where the two lines meet in the below image is where you want to dry to drop a bookmark. The drifter and uni are in the top left, there are five four-pointed stars representing decent warpables from which you could make correctable offgrid bookmarks, the five-pointed stars are viable warp-between points, and there's the rare jackpot warpable as a red square on the LoS.


There aren't always convenient warpables. Oftentimes the LoS points into empty space with nothing to either side. Your only option is to get something fast (e.g. a 10 km/s Punisher) and burn out along the LoS for ~25 minutes until you leave the grid.

Don't burn off a Drifter grid if you're using the hole within ~20 minutes. Drifters chase you at 3.5 km/s and can then hang around on the grid for longer than normal, becoming a nuisance. They can't DD beyond 250 km but their aggroed presense seems to increase the odds of more Drifters/Lancers coming in.

If one of these bookmarks isn't viable, you can set up to warp in and microjump (DANGEROUS):

Warp to a warpable behind the beacon. Warp from it to the uni at random nonzero distances until you land 103 km from the wormhole. Open Notepad and drag in the warpable you used and type in the warp range that landed you at 103km. Set your warp-to distance back to zero before you leave!

If you microjump to a wormhole from 104.x to 96.x km away, you'll land in jump range (WH jump range is 5 km). You can anchor an MMJU, use a CD, or MJD with your DST/BC/BS. Bear these things in mind:

1. you exit (non-interdicted) warps at a random point in/on a 5 km diameter sphere centered on the nearest edge of the warp-to point, ergo, you'll always land at your warp-to distance ± 0-2500 m
2. you need time to align to the hole (which varies with skills, hulls and fittings)
3. you need additional time to spool the microjump (5-12 s depending on skills/module)
4. you don't need a perfect warpin, but minimizing time on Drifter grids is advisable, because:
5. at any time, Drifters can appear and hit you with Lux Kontos/Xiphos in two seconds
like these, or these, or these. risky!